X Window Systems is a standard graphics framework for Unix/Linux desktops. There are large number of GUI toolkits and applications already written for X Windows Xlib API. X Windows is a network oriented and client-server design with the X server responsible for all graphics operations.

MicroXwin is binary compatible to the Xlib API. However it is neither client server nor network oriented. Graphics operations are implemented in the linux kernel via a kernel module. Our custom Xlib library sends graphics commands to the kernel. There is no network overhead and no context switch from X client to X server. This makes our solution smaller and faster than traditional X Windows.

Benefits Of MicroXwin

Why should you consider using MicroXwin.

Snappy GUI - MicroXwin has 2X times faster graphics, faster event handling, low latency and low round-trip delays.

Lower Memory Usage - MicroXwin's kernel based X server uses < 1/2MB versus 29MB used by Xorg's frame buffer X server on Ubuntu 9.04 distribution.

Compatibility - MicroXwin is binary compatible with standard X11 at the Xlib layer. So you can run all the standard applications and window managers.